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We Believe
A Call for Revival in America
Arranged by: Mike Speck, Cliff Duren
Created by: Mike Speck
Orchestrated by: Cliff Duren

About This Product
Our Christian nation began with the premise that Almighty God was the Author of life and He set forth laws and principles by which mankind could thrive and prosper. Thomas Jefferson wrote it like this: "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." In creating We Believe, creator and arranger Mike Speck aims to give church leaders a tool to help sound a clarion call to the desperate need for a return to God and the need for life-changing revival in our land. From the opening song, "Where the Stars and Stripes and Eagles Fly," to the beautiful and inspirational "Our Founding Fathers" narration, to the power ballad with female solo "It's Still the Cross," this musical will challenge believers to do all they can to make a difference, in their homes, their churches, their cities, and in their country. An accompaniment DVD, including a stirringly conceptualized 8 minute narration, is available to aide in your presentation.

Songs include: Where the Stars and Stripes and Eagles Fly with America, the Beautiful • Statue of Liberty • Our Founding Fathers (narration) • We Believe • Judgment in the Gate • It's Still the Cross
Voicing: SATB
Cast: Narrator/Worship Leader
Performance Time: 30 minutes
Suggested Use: Provides all the musical selections needed for a worship service. Great for any traditional patriotic celebration - July 4, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, or any occasion when emphasis is placed on America's reliance on its Christian foundation.
Skill: Moderate
Style: Inspirational

Companian Products
Rehearsal CDs ($.55 ea. Duplication Fee)
Stereo & Split-Trax Accomp CD (Both Formats Included)
Accompaniment DVD
Stem File Disc
Preview Pack, DVD and CD

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We Believe
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