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Ascend to Heaven
Arranged and Orchestrated by: J. Daniel Smith
Created by: Dave Clark

About This Product
Rehearsal MP3s are an excellent tool to help choir members learn their parts for songs. The entire choir (including solos) and the accompaniment can be heard on each track; however, one part is dominant (individual part has the highest volume). (Downloaded as a compressed .zip file.)

Minimum Quantity Requirements:
When offering digital products, publishers are required to protect copyrights (licenses) from infringement, misuse, and illegal photocopying. We have set our minimum quantity requirements at a reasonable amount for a small choir or ensemble. For larger groups you should order the number of copies (duplicated CDs or photocopies) you intend to make. For example, if you have 55 members of your choir, your Choral Book PDF or Rehearsal MP3s order quantity should be 55, so that you can print or duplicate 55 copies (photocopies or CDs). If you need fewer copies than the suggested minimum amount, you might consider ordering the physical products (books and CDs).
If you have already placed your order and you discover that you need additional copies, you may either order the minimum quantity online or you may call 1-800-363-2122 to order less than the minimum quantity.
This item is related to the downloadable book (piano/vocal) Ascend to Heaven

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