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Letter from a Mother's Heart

Cast: 1 male, 1 female
Performance Time: 5 minutes
Suggested Use: A sketch for Mother's Day or anytime a mother's love is celebrated
Topics: Mother's Day, Motherhood, Parent or Parenting
The sketch reveals a mother's anxiety on the eve of their son's first day of kindergarten. Jim, the father, is trying to relax and to calm his wife's fears for their son's big day. In a humorous exchange, Jim refuses to allow Marsha to check on their sleeping son again (for the sixth time). Marsha bemoans the fact her little baby is growing up so fast. To help her handle her feelings, Jim encourages Marsha to write a letter to their son that can be placed in his treasure box to read at a later time in his life. In a very touching conclusion, Marsha reads to the audience (as she is writing) her fears, her hopes, her dreams for their son.
Performance Royalty: Nonroyalty

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