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Mother's & Father's Day Program Builder No. 11
Creative Resources for Program Directors
Compiled by: Kimberly Messer

Suggested Use: Services and events near or on Mother's & Father's Day, Father/Daughter banquets & events, Mother/Son banquets & events.
Topics: Father's Day, Love, Mother's Day, Thankfulness
Don't just hand out the carnations! Make the celebration really great with some fun programming. Kids get to recite their praises to parents through short rhymes, while youth and adults can use the readings, monologue or the puppet play that's included. Some pieces can be used for moms or dads, and seven short readings help you recongize a few of the many "types" of moms there are to honor. Get the tissues restocked—your moms and dads are gonna love how special you make them feel this year.
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