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MusicalsMore Selections
We Hold These Truths
A Patriotic Celebration of Faith
Arranged and Orchestrated by: Cliff Duren; Created by: Dave Clark
Cast: Narrator or Worship Leader
Performance Time: 16 minutes
A powerful 15 minute patriotic musical, featuring the song "Hero Coming Home," that will honor your service men and women in the divine scope of praising . . .See More On This Item
Book 9780834177826
AnthemsMore Selections
Sing a Song of Freedom
Arranged and Orchestrated by: David T. Clydesdale; Words and Music by: David T. Clydesdale
A perfect choir and orchestra pairing! David T. Clydesdale blends beautiful choral harmonies with a fanfare of brass and strings. A patriotic must-have . . .See More On This Item
Anthem 9780834183087
Program BuildersMore Selections
Patriotic Program Builder
Creative Resources for Program Directors
Compiled by: Kimberly Messer
Every church will benefit from this collection of dramatic scripts for various patriotic holidays. See More On This Item
Program Resource Book MP-506
Price: $5.99   
DramaMore Selections
Scripts for All Seasons
Scripts to Highlight Special Days
Contributor: Various
Cast: Includes 4 monologues; the rest of the sketches call for two to four actors.
Performance Time: Most scripts run 3 to 7 minutes.
Value meets creativity to serve your practical needs. Top writers deliver this tested material to make worship planning easier. See More On This Item
Drama Book 0834176033
Price: $19.99   
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