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Listing of All Products by Travis Cottrell
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1. Jesus Saves Words and Music by: Travis Cottrell, David Moffitt; Arranged and Orchestrated by: Daniel Semsen Anthem 9780834178922 Price: $1.99
2. The Legacy Project: So the Next Generation Will Know Arranged and Orchestrated by: Cliff Duren; Created by: Cliff Duren, Dave Clark, Larnelle Harris, Travis Cottrell, Mark Harris, Tony Wood, Krissy Nordhoff, Mike Harland, Karen Peck Book 9780834185630NEW Price: $8.99
3. To the King Medley Arranged by: Stan Whitmire; Orchestrated by: Cliff Duren; Words and Music by: Jack Hayford, Travis Cottrell, Angela Cottrell Anthem 9780834185739NEW Price: $1.99