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Mark Kellner
Mark Kellner, the son of accomplished musicians, spent his childhood in the Caribbean where his parents were missionaries. Although learning to play traditional music written by other musicians was always part of his "essential training", he has always preferred to improvise or write his own. After completing a Church Music Diploma at Moody Bible Institute and earning a degree in composition at Northern Illinois University, he spent five years in Public Radio, with ample opportunity to listen to many of the great jazz pianists of yesterday and today. He spent nearly eight years as producer, arranger and first tenor with the Back to the Bible Quartet, writing and recording nearly 400 arrangements and orchestrations. Today he continues to write and orchestrate and is Pastor of Music and Worship in a local church in Wheaton, Illinois. Mark has published a book of organ arrangements, two books of children s music, a collection of arrangements for church orchestra, and many choral anthems and orchestrations. With his wife and five children, he endures northern Illinois winters, dreaming of the summer and sailing on Lake Michigan.

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1. Contemporary Praise: Today's Worship Songs for Solo Piano Arranged by: Mark Kellner Keyboard Book 9780834172128 Price: $22.95
2. A Cool Yule: Jazz Stylings for Christmas Arranged by: Mark Kellner Keyboard Book 9780834173057 Price: $19.95
3. High and Lifted Up!: Contemporary Praise for the Piano Soloist Arranged by: Mark Kellner Keyboard Book 9780834175211 Price: $22.95
4. The King Is Exalted: Praise and Worship Favorites Arranged by: Cindy Berry, Jeff Bennett, Lloyd Larson, Mark Kellner, Victor Labenske Keyboard Book 9780834181878 Price: $22.95
5. Quiet Praise: Fresh Interpretations of Devotional Hymns Arranged by: Mark Kellner Keyboard Book 9780834182578 Price: $19.95